Monday, December 20

Market Treasures

So, the market was truly awesome. Our photo booth didn't really work out but that's ok, there's always a next time. Everyone's stalls were super though! I saw so many amazing goodies that were clearly made with loads of love. I even managed to flog two framed photos at Casey's stand! A couple of market locals to follow: Hey Cherry (check out their cute puzzle and restored books below), Ellie Hope (Craig and I bought an awesome framed illustration and tee), Token Ceramics (for sweet brooches), Freshly Found (for amazing paper pieces), Lisa & Jo (for stamps and stationery), Sibling Mine (for Frankie mags), iKaya (for wooden frames and books) Gen Motely (everyone's fave wooden accessories) and Whimsy (for whimsical illustrations.) After all that markety goodness, I am super inspired to get cracking with some fun projects in the New Year!

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