Sunday, December 5

Deck the dogs with bells and tinsel

As promised, I give you 'Pictures of my dogs covered in Christmas paraphernalia.' With a couple of Christmas ornaments thrown in for added Christmasy vibes. I should probably clarify they're not exactly, just my dogs! They belong to the whole family. My mom was like, 'Stop referring to the dogs as just yours' - lols!  Below is Mary and Bentley but there are no pics of my our retriever Layla, as she is very camera shy. No blogging for her. For as long as I can remember, I've loved bunging up the family Christmas tree. I love it even more than the Christmas lunch and that is saying alot! I loathe taking it down though - such a mission! Anyways, this is what's twinkling in my parents home tonight. Are you guys feeling the Christmas spirit yet? I think I've finally got my festive mojo on.


I just realised I never took a pic of the full finished tree! Sorry about that. We'll just have to make do with four zillion close ups. (And apologies if I just killed your bandwith South African readers.)
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