Saturday, December 4

A bit of an emo ramble

I felt like making one of those 'images layered with pensive text'. That's Table Mountain by the way. Snapped it earlier this year. I think said picture pretty much sums up my thoughts at the mo. I've been feeling super inspired by so many people and things but I have no idea how to channel it and it's so frustrating. I was telling my mom the other day that I've become sort of 'age-aware'. When I see young people working on amazing projects, I have the occasional mini panic attack of 'What I have done?' Maybe some of you can relate? Anyway, I'm not headed in a tail-spin of woe - I just felt like penning this to get it off my chest. As as an aside, you may have noticed the blog looks a little different. I was getting a bit bored of the previous layout so I will probably be experimenting with it as part of my 'attempt at something creative!' That's about it really, thanks for indulging this ramble!

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