Wednesday, September 1

Giveaway winner announced!


Image found via fffound which was sourced from Dream Photography

Oh my, this is actually quite hilarious! Random.Org chose commenter number 3 which was Pam. Now Pam's comment was 'Would love to be picked, it would brighten up my week, okay I know that it will be next week the winner is chosen...... but still I would love to win a voucher for a new pair of shoes....... this week or next week....... I'm not fussy other than PICK ME!! Lol If you are open to bribery and corruption for this prize...... then I'm your girl!! Lol'

My reply was, 'Hahahhahahaha! I will ask to bare your shoe cravings in mind :D'

I swear we did not enter into any bribery - really did pick Pam and I have the screen shot to prove it if there are any doubters out there! Thanks to all of you who entered this giveaway. I was especially chuffed to hear from some of you for the first time. (Even if you were after a prize!)
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