Thursday, September 2

Bon Vie Cafe

Hello guys. I hope my fellow South Africans had a super 1st day of Spring yesterday? My mom and I took advantage of the sunshine and went to Bon Vie for lunch. This is a lovely bistro set in an old house in Windermere. The rooms have been converted into cute shops with lots of character. One of the rooms used to be my old office so it was quite surreal seeing how it's been redecorated! I had a scrummy chicken salad and my mom had carrot cake. I also found a lovely old chair which I'm thinking of buying (but it's not the one in the pic below.) I only have a few snaps of little details because it was quite buzzy and I don't like to take 'scene' shots of people for the blog - I wouldn't want some random pic of me scoffing cake to land up on someone's blog without my knowing! Anyway, this place is totally charming and I'm definitely going back to buy some vintagey bits and pieces. I edited these pics with Sandra's tutorial - so chuffed she posted one, thanks Sandra!


Visit Bon Vie at 16 Bute Road, Durban. Let me know if you love it too!
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