Tuesday, September 14

Boulder's Beach: A penguin's paradise!

Hi guys! Picking up now where we left off on our Cape Town adventure. If you travel onwards from Kalk Bay, you will soon arrive at Boulder's Beach - home to hundreds of adorable penguins and quelle surprise, boulders! A trip along the Cape Coast has pretty much everything I could dream of in a holiday - whales (albeit 'spec-like' from afar), seals, penguins, ice-cream and vintage galore! At Boulders, you can walk through the penguin sanctuary on a wooden pathway or take a dip in the private beach alcove. I saw a couple snogging between the rocks and it looked dead romantic! I didn't snap them but I did snap the penguins and let me tell you, when the cameras come out, these guys literally start hamming up! Little shmodels I tells ya - saw plenty a 'Blue Steel!'


That was incredibly cheesy. In completely non-penguin related news, Bobby did an interview with me on her blog a while ago. I've been meaning to link to it but couldn't work out which post to mention it in. Well, Boulders Beach seems perfectly apt - not! I just wanted to thank her for the chat we had - I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to ramble on about what cartoon character I wish I could be etc. Also, today is the last day to enter this giveaway - three wooden jewell's must be won!
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