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Q & A with Kendi Everyday

I discovered Kendi's style blog via IFB when she was 'Blogger Spotlight' of the week. I instantly loved it from the moment I read her bio, 'People think that when you get married and move to a small town, that you should get pregnant. I started a blog. (It's a girl)' Ha! Kendi lives in Texas and has that whole American Sweetheart vibe going on. I always look forward to her witty updates and her blog has become one of my firm faves. She kindly took the time to chat to me about blogging, fashion and the American way of saying 'goodbye'. Read on to see what that's all about!


Hello lovely Kendi, so nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you, as well!

Your blog is an inspiring fest of wit and clothes! Please tell us how Kendi Everyday has evolved since Post One.
Thank you! In the short time that I've started Kendi Everyday, I think just about everything has evolved. From my outfits and style to the photography from my husband, I see a huge change and hopefully an improvement. I started the blog to evolve my style, so I'm glad that it has. Really the only thing that hasn't changed has been my writing style. I like to stay true to my sarcastic and dry wit.

What's been the highlight of your blogging experience to date?
Finding great friends in the blogging community. Jentine from My Edit, has really been a great support and friend and we found each other through blogging. Another highlight was getting guest post on What I Wore - it was very surreal to see my pictures and post on Jessica's wonderful blog!


Do you ever have days when you don't feel like taking pics and scribbling a post?
Oh yes! Especially when I've had a long day at work! But I try to post at least 3-4 outfits a week and I usually take a day off during the week for my husband and I to have a date night. Every once in a while I'll post outfit pics from a date night, but most of the time that is our night. But if I don't feel like posting or writing, I don't. I try to be as honest as possible on my blog, and if it doesn't feel right to post then I just won't do it.


Your 30 for 30 challenge was brilliant but what are your top ten must-saves in a fire? 
Thank you! It's a fun challenge - everyone should try it at some point! My top ten must-saves? My red heels, tall boots, blazer, skinny jeans, a tunic from Anthropologie, a navy a-line skirt, my little black dress, a wide brown belt, and two v-neck tees. I could get by for a while on that collection!

What's your favourite go-to outfit - the one you wear most often?
Skinny jeans with a blazer and a tee underneath. I don't always blog it, but I end up wearing this outfit a lot on the weekends or while traveling. It's pulled together yet, so comfortable.


You love writing as well as dressing. Tell us about your writing dreams. When is Kendi - 'The Book' coming!?
Haha, my goodness, wouldn't that be fantastic? Would you guys read it? Let me find an agent first and I"ll keep you all updated!

I would read it! Your blog has gathered a large, loyal following. Can you share some blogging tips with us please? 
I do have a very loyal following - I look forward to comments from readers every day! I think one of the biggest tips I can give is to be true to who you are and to write what you know. You have a chance to share with the world whatever you want, make sure it is your voice. Every one is a unique individual and if you are true to yourself, you will find your following. Do not get caught up in readership, if you enjoy what you blog so will others.


If I could grant you three wishes today, what would they be?
No more bad hair days, calorie-free ice cream, and everything I wanted to buy would be on sale.

Now for three random questions I've gleaned from watching years of American telly!
Do Americans not say goodbye at the end of a telephone call? 
I had to think about this one. It depends on the conversation and with whom you are speaking with. For example, with my husband or family I'll say "I love you." And that is usually how we end a phone call. If it's with friends I'll say "bye" but rarely "goodbye" But if it's a business call, I usually say "I'll talk to you later" or "Thank you" and rarely goodbye. So that is true! For me anyways.


Do most Americans drink black coffee? 
A lot of people drink black coffee, including my husband! But I know a lot of people who prefer lattes or coffee with milk (that's how I prefer it!)

Is the 'cream' you put in coffee different from milk?
Yes, it is. Most coffee creamers are either non-dairy (I don't know what that means though) especially if they are flavored like vanilla creamer. The other kind that is popular is half and half which is half milk and half cream.

Fascintating stuff about the American phone call thing! In South Africa, we all tend to say 'goodbye' so the 'talk to you later' thing has always intrigued me! Anyway, isn't Kendi great? I'm sure she'd love to hear from you guys so please feel free to drop her a comment below. You can also check out her blog here if you're not already following. Thanks for joining us today Kendi!
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