Sunday, August 15

Freedom Cafe

We finally got to check out Freedom Cafe at the Concierge in Durbs. I've heard many good things about this spot which is owned by author, chef and creative extraordinaire, Neil Roake (who wrote this book that I gave away on Gloss!) When Joanne Coelho blogged about it, I knew I had to go. Jo is always first to visit Durban's hotspots! The Concierge offer 'Boutique Bungalows' behind Bean Bag Bohemia and the adjoining Freedom Cafe is open to the public. We chomped jam tarts and almond cake but the savoury menu looked equally delish. I was dead impressed with the XXX mints that came with our bill although I hate to think what types of google searches  'XXX' mints will attract! You can check out the website for The Concierge here. - loving the sausie dogs!


Next week Monday, I'm chatting to one of SA's lovely new style bloggers and later in the week, I will show you the dress that I burnt but bought a-new!
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