Thursday, August 12

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hello gang! What a day it has been, full of crazy highs and lows. I will spare you the nitty gritty of the lows and instead, thank you for the highs!

The September issue of Elle SA is out and on page 155, Kim, Dianna, Lana and myself are chatting about our Spring faves. Thank you so much to Elle for the featurette, that is definitely one to show the kidlets one day! Hilar quote from my boss today: "Nice picture of your sunglasses." Lolz. I do look rather incognito! The piece says I blog about everything from meatballs to local gems but regular readers will know I can barely cook toast! I'd actually said something to the effect of 'What I love about blogging is how I can learn to cook meatballs from a Swedish blogger and be able to tell others in far flung places about a Durban coffee shop for example.' If you have arrived here in search of a Meatball recipe, I apologise, there are none to be found! I did however blog a kids Cupcake Recipe once! Do return soon because I'll be sure to cook up a new post titled "Lauren's Lovely Meatballs" - lolz! If you saw that I am a copywriter and have arrived to see my reckless abuse of 'Lolz' - fear not, I like to limit my 'Lolz' to about one per Powerpoint slide :p


And now for a humongous thank you to all of you nominated Glossary for the Cosmo Blog Awards - Gloss has been shortlisted under the Lifestyle category! I can hardly believe it, my little old blog from Durbs. I am so touched that you guys took the time out of your days to nominate Gloss. All I can say is thank you so much! (I actually squeezed out a tear of joy over my Magma Chicken Wrap today but I did refrain from pulling a 'Gwyneth' - haha!) Oh wait, I can say one more thing  - please vote for me now that I'm through!

If you are popping in for the first time today via Elle, it's lovely to have ya, please feel free to have a good dig around the blog! If you arrived because my mother sent you not one but TWO texts today, I thank you for indulging her motherly pride, it is nice to have you here too! Mom, I love you but lolz, spamming all the friends and fam.

In other fun news, Style Scoop kindly invited me to blog my Spring lust-list on their faboosh website today which you can check out here if you fancy. I'm so in love with this season's looks!

And below is me doing my best to do an outfit shot while casually holding a copy of Elle. I apologise for this failed attempt at nonchalance!


Again, thank you so much gang. I really wanna rustle up some fun giveaways as a thank you for your support. Keep eyeballin' the blog for updates on those! Adios for this eve Amigos!

My get up is: Skirt, Top & Cardi (JaysJays - did I mention I love them?!) Necklace Mr Price  Edit: Those pics I had up here earlier which were taken with a flash were doing my head in so I gave em the 'toss. My hair just looked so black - ugh!
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