Monday, May 24

10 fabulous blogs!

Every now and then, I update my list of favourite blogs which you can find a little lower down to the left of this blog. All of these ladies (and one guy!) have a unique and inspired personal style and writing voice. They regularly update their blogs and interact with their readers. I've had the pleasure of interviewing a few of them and I've linked to those as well. If you've never visited their blogs before, I encourage you to do so! There are so many blogs I enjoy reading and because I can't physicially fit them all onto my homepage, I created another list of links here. If you have a link you'd like to share, please feel free to drop me an email . I do my best to visit every blog you tell me about but sometimes it takes me a while to get there. You're welcome to jump and down and remind me! I'd also like to say I'm super grateful to all of you who link to my blog. It truly means a great deal:)



Elsa BillgrenRead Interview

Hannah & Landon

Mademoiselle RobotRead Interview

NiotillfemRead Interview

Pink BowRead Interview

Stephanie AlvesRead Interview

The Cherry Blossom Girl

WishWishWishRead Interview

PS: Thank you for your most wonderful replies to this post. I feel blessed to have such a lovely bunch of blogging buds. And, if you haven't already, check out this week's giveaway below. Have a super week!


PinkBow said...

thank you so much for including me here, i am truly honoured to be amongst so many amazing bloggers. your top list is very much the same as my own :)

Liset said...

I really adore all those blogs!

Lauren said...

My pleasure Paula. Keep up the great work. Hi Liset!

hannah and landon said...

oh! thank you for including my blog in such a lovely list of ladies!

(also thank you for the little feature you did of our website!)

Lauren said...

Only a pleasure, you guys are crazy brilliant!

Mademoiselle Robot said...

Thanks for including me! this looks a lot like my reading list x

ps - i like the new layout.

Lauren said...

Pleasure sweet. Yes, you're a popular bunch because you deserve to be:)

Cupcake Couture said...

Such inspirational blogs and I love the pictures you added! Lovely all of them! x

Harriet said...

So many of these are my favourites too, some blogs are jsut so magical to read!

Catita said...

thanks for sharing your fave bloggers! i'll make sure to check out their blogs!
catita said...

Hey Lauren,

All of these blogs are great, we'll be adding to our reading list!

We just wanted to say how much we love your pretty blog here at!

We're pretty sure you'll like our site too, so why not check it out!


Mel said...

you're awesome.

Lauren said...

Hee! Thanks honey. So are you.

Marinka said...

your blog is so so the interviews too

Lauren said...

Thank you Marinka, I'm glad you enjoyed them:)