Monday, April 12

Q&A: Stef talks shorts, Starbucks and shooting film


I first saw Stefany on Lookbook and thought she was the coolest looking girl I'd ever seen. This led me to her blog which had the coolest photo's I'd ever seen. This in turn led me to her flickr and formspring which are flooded with comments and questions from fans and followers!

Born in Brazil and now living in London, 18 year-old Stef is bound to become a super famous photographer. When she's exhibiting at the Tate one day, I'll be telling anyone that'll listen, 'I know her!!! I've been following her since she was taking pictures of her fruit loops!' And that photo will sell for a trillion pounds. And Hello Magazine will pay me two trillion pounds for this interview. Not really but that would be sweet.


To me, Stef epitomises London street style. Brogues, tights and denim layered with a cool tee and cardi. It's mix and matching at it's best. It's thrown-together Brit chic that I long to pull off but usually end up looking more hobo than boho. So join me as I share a cuppa with Stef and pick her brain for style tips...


Hi Stef, how are you today?
Hey! I'm great thanks, how are you?

Good, ta! You have an incredible sense of style. What and who are your biggest influences?
Well, my biggest influences... I don't know sometimes I get inspiration from all different things. For example: romance and suspense films, websites, magazines, photography, weather - it depends a lot, especially on my mood.

Has your style changed since you moved to London and if so, how?
Oh my style changes everyday. I don't have a defined style and obviously when I was younger I wasn't that interested in fashion and clothes. I think my style can be divided into periods of my life. I remember when I was 13, I used to love watching the film 'My Girl' and dressing up like 'Vada.' Haha.


Oh cute! I've never seen that but I'll look out for it at the video store. Which are your favourites pieces from your wardrobe?
Sometimes I love all of my clothes but there are days that I don't like any of them. Today my favourite piece is a simple black shirt 'cause I can use and combine it with other garments.

Do you have a go-to outfit? Something you throw on all the time?
Something I wear all the time is my hat I think, but I wear my fake-leather jacket almost everyday to go to college.


What are the ten pieces of clothing every girl should own?
1. a simple black hat
2. jeans jacket
3. leather jacket (fake or real)
4. faux fur jacket
5. faded shorts
6. wedges
7. rings, lots of rings
8. black scarf
9. nice t-shirts
10. boots

Where do you shop the most in London?
My favourite places to shop are H&M, Topshop, River Island, Bik Bok, Primark, Camden Market and Portobello Market.

Is there anything in the shops that you have your eye on at the moment?
When I go shopping I just walk around the store and sometimes I see pieces that catch my eye... like last week I went to Portobello Market and I saw a really nice coat. When I see something I like, I really have to buy it because generally if I don't, I'll probably regret it later and not find something similar to what I've seen.


I know that feeling! You always wander 'what could have been?' Hee. You seem to have a mild coffee addiction, Stef! Which are your fave spots to grab a java?
Oh yes I love coffee, haha! I drink it a lot although it's not really good for stomach, but my favourite coffee shops are Starbucks, Costa, Nero and Coffee Republic.

Please describe your perfect London day!
My perfect day in London...hmm... for me it would be anything that involves photography, coffee and music. That would be perfect, haha. Just walking around London taking pictures, drinking coffee and listening to simple and good, but of course with sunshine.

Speaking of photographs, you take the most amazing pictures. Are you planning to become a professional photographer? What kind of photography would you like to get into?

Thank you :) Oh yeah I study photography and I'm thinking of taking photography at Uni. I love self portraits, ramdon etc. But basically the pictures I take show my style and what kind of photography I like... it's something more artistic and strange.. ahaa... I don't know how to describe it and nor if it makes money but I do know that it's my passion and one of the best hobbies.


If you could be dressed by any designer, who would your choose and why?
To be 100% honest I don't know much about designers and stuff...I like Alexander Mcqueen in terms of accessories though. So sad that he died:(

Yes, very. I don't know an awful lot about designers either but I've always fancied McQueen's skull scarves. Now what will we never see your wearing?
I can't picture myself wearing sporty trainers. They may be comfortable for sports activities but I hate sports anyway :/

What do you love the most about living in London?
I love to see all the different cultures and of course the places...the architecture etc.


Your Top Five Bands                                        
1. Camera Obscura
2. Little Joy
3. Bishop Allen
4. Noah and The Whale
5. She&Him

Your Top Five Movies
1. Grease
2. Annie Hall
3. My Girl
4. Orphan
5. Psycho

Your Top Five Books
1. Memories of Midnight
2. Misery
3. Bad Things
4. The Alibi Man
5. Precious  (I'm still reading haha!)

You can check out Stef's NEW blog, here! If you're a fan of Miss Stefany, please feel free to say hi and tell me about your blog as well in a comment below. And then next Monday, I'm chatting to Retro Chick!



evelyn said...

i love her too! i been following her a while now because i love her style, shes interesting and talented. :) and inspiring too

La.K said...

oh i love stef. her photography is so inspiring. thanks for the interview la. mondays are the best ;)
ps do you know what camera stef use?

Lolo said...

great interview!

my bat lightning heart said...

Your blog is wonderful.
I am not following.
And I love her photos...amazing very london.

Freshly Found said...

Great interview. [Uh oh. I have 1 of the 10 essential wardrobe items!]

PinkBow said...

great interview, i wasn't aware of her, so will head right over!

Lauren said...

Thank you guys! And 'lol' at Freshly. x

Lenka James said...

I really like her blog its so cool

Marie said...

I really enjoyed this interview! I can say that I'm a fan of her. She takes beautiful pictures, they are special ones! ;)