Sunday, April 11

Happy Birthday Nice Person

It's Nikki's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND! She got a fridge (awesome) so I gave her some magnets to put on it. I also gave her a cloud brooch like the one I just got. Then she gave me half her wardrobe. Well, not quite but she let me pick a bunch of stuff cuz she's downsizing - literally, the woman just dropped two dress sizes. Pretty sweet deal me thinks - go to a birthday party, leave with more presents than the birthday girl. Heh. I'll show you my new shizzle later in the week. Now, I've known Nikki since playschool but tonight is the first time we found out that we're BOTH obsessed with Death Cab's 'Narrow Stairs' album and the boardgame, '30 Seconds.' How we never knew this I don't know but it's moments like those when you go 'So that's why we're besties!' (And also cuz you just gave me a ton of new/old stuff.) Before I go, let me leave you with this cracking line from Nikki's husband in tonight's game of 30 Seconds.


Can you guess what he's describing? Have a go in a comment. Bye!



Laura said...

What an awesome gift!! That cloud is really stunning!

Cupcake Couture said...

That is one of the best gifts I have ever seen. So lovely. You are such a wonderful friend. I can't guess what the clue is...mmmm Maybe the movie Babe (the little piggy) because they won't speak to Babe cause he doens't have the code words or whatever. Baaa Ram...blah, blah. Silly I know. x

FashionJazz said...

Luv the gift!!! Hope u are a fab wknd hun! xxx

PinkBow said...

ah, i love this little tin of goodies. it's like the tin in amelie.

Lauren said...

Thanks guys. Paula, I thought the same thing! I should have given her Amelie with it. Hmmm, next time. x

La.K said...

what a lovely gift. i love the tin.

i am going with "silence of the lambs" :)

dinkum design said...

That's the kinda tin that normally full of odd buttons.
Ja, I'm going with La.K
"Silence of the Lambs"
(What a yucky movie!)

Nikki said...

ha!!!! that was hilarious. can't believe i guessed it considering the alchohol intake. Was super fun!! thanks mate!