Wednesday, November 18

Tea, Cakes and Cameras

Remember the heart-shaped teacup I wrote about a few days ago? Well, today it found it's way onto the pages of a magazine! Amazingly, after just having bought it, I discovered that today, we'd be shooting some imagery for a piece about High Tea. The next thing you know, my little cup is modeling among a mountain of profiteroles. Naturally, we had to eat all the cakes once we'd gotten our shots. They were amazingly delicious and you can buy them at Home Treats in Windermere Center.

Here's a taster of what we ate. I'll scan the piece for you when it goes to print. Pictures by Matt Suth.


char said...

Your tea cup was made for this shoot. Which magazine? Love the photography, Matt has some stunning images!

Lauren said...


And those are just pre-shoot pics:)

I can really only toot the mag, once this issue has gone to print.