Sunday, November 15

Four Weekend Finds

On Saturday morning, I joined Cupcake Couture's, Nadia, for a spot of tea and treasure hunting. Our first stop was one of my favourite stores, Mooi. This Glenwood gems sits on the corner of Bulwer and Clarke Road in a flat brick building. You can't miss it for the lawn outside is covered in teepees and bright pink umbrellas. Inside, you will find rainbow dresses, brooches, silky scarves and suitcases of purses. I found a maroon vintage bag in the window and a sweet bird magnet. Nadia has one too and her's lives next to her perfume bottles. The store is feeling much cosier these days with shelves piled high with linens and charms.

After snapping a few photos outside, we wandered onto the antique furniture store next door. Itz Mary is home to big wooden chairs, dusty jars of buttons and black and white televisions. Nadia wished for a bright red telephone. I wished for a floral covered foot stool. Then it was time for tea.

We headed next door to Earth Mother and tucked ourselves away in a secret garden. Here, we nibbled on toasted sandwiches while baby birds twittered all around us. (Now that's the old-fashioned kind of twitter.) During our two hour natter, Nadia reminded me of a market called the Stables. I hadn't been in years and was excited to hear about an amazing antiques store there called Portabello.

So today, on the wise suggestion of the aforementioned vintage princess, I set out to find this treasure trove of relics. What a find indeed. Portabello is positively cluttered with trinkets that must have once belonged in grand old homes. To be honest, I'm often a bit wary, venturing into these sort of stores. The owners can be a bit snobby when you don't know your Royal Dalton from your Waterford Crystal. Well, let me tell you, the lady who owns this store is nothing short of marvellous. She kindly told me the prices of four hundred pendants and let me browse for an age. I chose a heart-shaped teacup and a box of Elvis matches. I really could have bought whole store if my purse had permitted.

We look a little.


char said...

Now that a pretty cup! I haven't been down Glenwood way for ages. It's about time we took a trip down there... maybe this coming weekend.

Lauren said...


casey said...

im sure that blooming teacup makes tea drinking of the bestest kind! love it.

Freshly Found said...

What a great day. Thanks for the hint. I have to find Portabello too!

Lauren said...

Thanks Case. I've yet to have a cuppa from it but tonight, it's heart-shaped tea:)

Pleasure Freshly Found. I must thank Nadia for steering me in the direction of Portabello. Some pics of it from the Holga comming soon.