Tuesday, November 17


Fridges are cool man.
They, erm, keep things cool and you can stick cool things on them.
Here's a gander at what's on mine. What's on yours?

Cupcake card from my lovely boss in London. Rad retro magnets from Holmes Bros in Gateway. Naughty 90's / Antiques House card. Deluxe magnet from Mr Price Home. Cupcake Couture tag peeking out. Oh and a Willy Wonka postcard, for Charlie is one of my favourite films.

My Pikachu! I've had him for nine years and he still says his name when you press his tummy. I probably watched a little too much Pokemon when I was 18. The magnet is from Camden.

Serviette from Pret. For those that don't know, Pret is this marvellous sandwich chain in London. There's one on every corner selling freshly made grub. To be honest, I got a bit over it after 3 months but the serviette makes me smile and reminds me of London. I do miss it. The Gauguin magnet is from a gift shop in Charles de Gaulle Airport. Two last eruos well spent me thinks.

Metallica ticket for the 02. A cracking good night that was.

I kept the cardboard holder from my last Starbucks in Heathrow. It's throwaway packaging in London but to a girl from Africa, it's an iconic (and rather ironic) piece of the first world. Oh sweet caramel frappucinos, how I do miss you. We also have here, some more Cupcake Couture loveliness and a pair of 3D glasses. Why the glasses, I have no idea really.


char said...

I'm a HUGE Roald Dahl fan, personally I prefer the Johnny Depp movie version though. You have an interesting "scrap book" fridge... cool!

Lauren said...


Ah Roald Dahl is awesome. I love the Oompa Loompas in the Johnny version.

Before I discovered blogging, I just crammed my fridge with as much inspiration as possible.

Thanks for visiting Char:)

Freshly Found said...

I remember the egg mayo sarmies at Pret from a few years ago. They fitted in well with our South African budget!

Lauren said...

Ah yes, the Egg Mayo. Very good choice!