Thursday, January 8

Thursday Drivin'

Today, we woke up to sunny skies and decided a drive around the hood would be fun. We were winding our way through Botha's Hill when we stumbled across this abandoned hotel and of course, I had to have a picture! I mean, what blogger doesn't love a crumbling, derelict background? Oh, FYI: I do not wear high heels on random drives. I just *happened to have 'em in the car {*was secretly hoping to wear 'em with my new skirt for a bit.} After flinging my flats back on, we ventured into an animal farm but I was too ravenous to enjoy it and asked Jon if we could cut the adventure short in favour of grabbing some grub. Since wolfing down our wraps, we've been planted in front of the telly watching coverage of the Paris terror attack. The thought of these incidents becoming more frequent is beyond horrifying. My heart goes out to the people of Paris:( PS: I just noticed that the chicken's hut says "Pet Hotel" but it was in no way related to the abandoned hotel!

 photo IMG_3469.jpg photo IMG_3543.jpg photo IMG_3579.jpg photo IMG_3471.jpg photo IMG_3561.jpg photo IMG_3530.jpg photo IMG_3556.jpg photo IMG_3553.jpg  photo IMG_3577.jpg photo IMG_3465.jpg photo IMG_3533.jpg photo IMG_3474.jpg photo IMG_3557.jpg photo IMG_3478.jpg photo IMG_3571.jpg
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