Monday, January 12

Dreaming of airports, turnstiles and cozy coffee shops

So friends, I wanted to scribble a little about my dream for 2015 in the hopes that it'll come true! In my mid-twenties, I was fortunate to do a couple of jaunts through Europe. They weren't overly epic compared to what some folks get up to but completely epic to me at the time! Oh, while I'm on that - guess what happened? While I was in London, my hard-drive with all my overseas pictures CRASHED! I was beside myself but fortunately I had uploaded most of the pics to Facebook. Also, I didn't have a DSLR camera back then but it was during my travels, that I fell in love with photography. Anyway, I think it was about two years after returning to South Africa, that I began chatting to Tall One and I remember telling him, "I'd kiss the soot on the London underground, just to return again!" - don't know why I had to express that in such a grim way but anyway! Tall One could not remotely understand this as he is somewhat of an outdoors survivalist but I loved how much he loved our neck of the world. We started going on loads of adventures together and had a ton of fun exploring our countryside.

The longing for London gently faded away...until now! Since paying off my car and moving in with Tall One, the thought of travel seems like a faint possibility again. Jon would rather spend a week in a cave than in a city (we're a little different like that but it's totes cool) so I'd love to take my mom on a holiday abroad. Of course, at thirty-two, I should be ramping up my investments and saving for a home deposit but the thought of stepping into an airport again, just gets my heart racing! It may seem like a reckless way to spend your hard-earned loot but I have never regretted a cent spent on travel. Just the packing alone is enough to send me over the edge with excitement! But...right now, it's just (a hideously expensive) dream so we'll see where the year takes us. I may decide to be sensible and abandon this idea completely but we'll see, we'll see. x

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