Thursday, September 26

Thoughts, goals and to-do's

I've almost clocked a month on the new job! I'm sorry I've had to be a bit cryptic about it all but such is the ad/retail biz! Life is no longer the same, friends. I come from a situation where my day was divided into computer work, meetings, brainstorms, dashing about town, setting up for events etc...and right now, I'm writing from 8 till 5ish because that's what's needed and man, it's intense! I may have to scale back on other aspects of life until the dust settles. Long term readers will know, I've always been a happily, productive night owl but I'm in bed by 8:30 now! So these are just a few random thoughts I'm scribbling off the top of my head to help me feel organsied.
  1. Pay off my credit card over the next 6 months (if not sooner) and then pack away that bad boy for good. We made it through some tough times together, CC. But you and I are done now. It's been real. 
  2. Resolve Smitten. I'm not sure what to do about my beloved Smitten. It requires hours of time and buckets of TLC. I've had to turn down a few shoots because I don't have enough spare time to dedicate to it and this bums me out. I need to give this one some serious thought. 
  3. Starting next weekend, I'm going to start treating myself to Sunday afternoons at home where I can catch up on life, neaten my flat, snap pics, prep blog posts and chill. 
  4. Get a fitness routine going again. This time last year, I made such progress with this but I've been crashing in the evenings. Yesterday, I sorted my act out and I'm determined to stick with it!
  5. Fix all the things I've been meaning to for ages like my faulty freezer and computer speakers.
  6. Actually use to-do lists for once in my life. I've always kicked against routine but now I am craving it to help me feel sane!
  7. Stop blogging about to-do lists and rather, update one right now. x

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