Tuesday, September 24

Braai Day at the dam!

Today was Heritage Day aka Braai Day in South Africa! Tall One and I had a chat about it the other night. Me: Shall we go picnicking in the Midlands for the public day? {SILENCE} Him: Laurs, for one, do you even realise it's Braai Day? Me: Er, no Him: This is like my Christmas. We can go somewhere but we WILL braai. I once hauled a braai grid up a mountain for Braai Day and this other time we.....I don't remember what his second point was but he counted down the sleeps and we did braai by the dam. It kinda looks like we baked at the dam, but we braai'd. The meat shots just looked a little... frightening and also, the word, 'braai' is starting to look crazy typed out this late. Hope you fellow Saffers had a super relaxing day? x

 photo IMG_0510.jpg photo IMG_0539.jpg photo IMG_0517.jpg photo IMG_0624.jpg photo IMG_0671.jpg photo IMG_0596.jpg photo IMG_0497-1.jpg photo IMG_0589.jpg photo IMG_0667.jpg photo IMG_0632.jpg photo IMG_0574.jpg photo IMG_0588-1.jpg photo IMG_0670.jpg photo IMG_0605.jpg photo IMG_0568.jpg photo IMG_0513.jpg photo IMG_0599.jpg
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