Monday, July 15

Bar One and The Badger

Just a couple of scenic snaps from my camping trip with the boys! Unlike girls, boys don't really take ten million selfies when they go on holiday. So I snapped the creatures instead! LJ named the chocolate lab Bar One and his mate was some sort of wolf/dog/dingo/honey-badger mix. They were cool. Now I just need to convince the girls to go on the next trip. Bit tricky when it's negative degrees!

 photo IMG_9486.jpg photo IMG_9279.jpg photo IMG_9207.jpg photo IMG_9458.jpg photo IMG_9480.jpg photo IMG_9355.jpg photo IMG_9310.jpg photo IMG_9414.jpg photo IMG_9214.jpg photo IMG_9327.jpg photo IMG_9465.jpg photo IMG_9514.jpg photo IMG_9472.jpg
 photo IMG_9477.jpg
 photo IMG_9329.jpg photo IMG_9211.jpg photo IMG_9497.jpg
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