Saturday, July 13

Baby Rachel

I have to confess, I'm doubling up on posts between Gloss and Smitten at the moment! Sorry if you're following both blogs and finding it about annoying! I was going to use Smitten for shoots and Gloss for random shenanigans but...I've been a bit slack at snapping shenanigans...and lately, I've been pre-occupied with restoring order to my flat/car/life in general. This morning I had the pleasure of photographing baby Rachel who belongs to one of my best friends. I was actually dead nervous about snapping such a small human! Never attempted anything like this before but man, did we have fun. Rachel was a dream to shoot, and I had such fun setting up the bunting and toys. x

 photo IMG_0352.jpg photo IMG_0237-3.jpg photo IMG_0360-2.jpg photo IMG_0342-3.jpg photo IMG_0172-2.jpg photo IMG_0222.jpg photo IMG_0403.jpg photo IMG_0130-2.jpg photo IMG_0311.jpg photo IMG_0348.jpg photo IMG_0268.jpg photo IMG_0351-4.jpg photo IMG_0151-2.jpg photo IMG_0389-2.jpg photo IMG_0334.jpg photo IMG_0344-2.jpg photo IMG_0180-1.jpg photo 1-3.jpg photo 2-3.jpg photo IMG_0315-1.jpg
 photo IMG_0405-1.jpg

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