Tuesday, June 4


Lately, I've been...dreaming of a cozy, creative studio with a fluffy Labrador sleeping in the corner. When you turn the music down, you can hear winter leaves rustling outside. / Loving pulling on my cotton pants and fluffy socks in the chillier evenings. / Meaning to spend a Sunday baking away in my kitchen. / Looking forward to Natchos and Cosmos with Nads. / Excited to open a box of retro goodies from Giselle / Thinking about selling some stuff at my favourite market. / Wishing I had enough time to play in a band, become a full-time photographer, read more history and science books. / Feeling pretty damn happy that I found my old Seinfeld boxsets! How about you? x

 photo 4-13.jpg
 photo 3-16.jpg photo 55665bdd4661e27ba5e757067eb9b25c.jpg photo 1-15.jpg photo 2-18.jpg

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