Tuesday, September 4

The day we abseiled and rap-jumped!

Early one morning, I was standing on a balcony, overlooking Durban and I thought, "Lauren, you should go abseiling. You should face your fear of heights." Then I thought, "What the heck, brain?" and then I decided to call Nadia:

Me: Hello
Nads: Hey. What's up, is everything ok?
Me: Yes, we need to go abseiling.
Nads: Uh, ok, lets do it!

I am terrified of heights. Always have been. I don't do rollercoasters and things like that. Probably because I got stuck in the air on the Elephant Ride as a kid. Nads isn't afraid of heights and I knew she'd be the perfect companion for leaping off a 40 metre dam wall! So off we went to Shongweni on Sunday. I did my best to stay calm although my hands were shaking. Nads abseiled first like a boss! I somehow summoned the courage to climb over the ledge and go next. Our instructors were so kind and patient. Thank you Keegan for deailing with "I'm too scared. I can't go over the ledge. I should have eaten something. Where can I put my foot? Please double check this harness for the millionth time. DON'T LET ME GO KEEGAN. KEEGAN I'M SCAAAARRRED!" But as I was making my way down, I looked out to the side and saw the rockfaces and the reserve and I thought, "This is EPIC! I'm actually doing this. It's amazing!" Afterwards, I had to climb up about a hundred rickety stairs which was possibly scarier than the abseiling. When I headed back to Nads, she was harnessing up to rap jump! We hadn't planned on doing that so I was super proud of her. I had never in a million years considered rap jumping but everyone was like "Come one Laurs, you can doooo itttttt!!!!!" So after a few false starts, the guys lowered me down, FACING FORWARD, and I walked down the dam wall. I was super scared and I kept asking Nads to catch me - ha. It was one the craziest, scariest and coolest experiences of my life and I'm so glad we did it. Afterwards, we celebrated with cocktails and wine! Thank you to Nadia for helping me conquer my fear! Next fear to face - holding a gecko in my hand! *shudder*

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