Wednesday, September 12

25 Questions

1. What is your name?
Lauren Jade. Pleased to meet ya.


2. What do people call you?
La, Lasie, Scampity, Laurs, Panda

3. What do you want people to call you?
I always think its sweet when people who don't know me that well start calling me La.

4. What are you doing right now?
Sitting in bed. I've just been editing pics for a freelance project.

5. What would you really like to do now?
Pack up the car with tents, jackets, wine, flapjacks and go on an adventure.


6. What are you wearing?
A skirt and a hoodie

7. What have you done today?
Worked and watched the movie, Ted.

8. What was the best thing about your day?
Laughing at Ted doing 90's singer impressions!

9. What was the most boring part of your day?


10. Describe your perfect day
Being woken up with a kiss on the forehead. Relaxing somewhere beautiful. Lying in the sun, walking through flower fields, playing with puppies, eating something delicious and laughing with my friends.


11. If you look to the right, what do you see?
My desk and a map on the wall.

12. Speaking of the right, are you left handed or right handed?
Right handed.

13. If you hear the word perfect, what do you associate it with?
Puppy paws.

14. Summer, autumn, winter or spring, which do you prefer? Why? 
You guys know this:) Winter. Snowy road trips. Warm coats. Red wine with friends. Crunchy leaves blowing in the wind.


15. What is the most romantic thing a guy has done for you?
Written me a song. Surprised me by flying in from another country. Cooked and cared for me when I wasn't well. Laser-cut my name in wood. Made me a trinket box. Taken me on a night-time adventure.

16. What is the most romantic thing you've done for a guy?
Created weird packages with sea shells and other strange things. Wrapped a gift in Stone Temple Pilots giftwrap that I made. Booked him off work and surprised him with a day of fun stuff I knew he liked. Made an amazing scrapbook but I never got to give it to the person.


17. What is the perfect gift? If your birthday were tomorrow.
A guitar amp but I would never expect anyone to buy that for me!

18. Money or love?

19. A nice thing that someone said to you.
You were always soft-hearted but you were always so strong.

20. The funniest thing that happened to you in high school? For example, face plant (fall over all the face).
Bridget and I got up to so much naughty stuff. Oi! One of the funniest things was probably when our whole group got detention - ha - and we were such little terrors in detention.


21. Something you wish you could have done in high school? (Eg: be more social, less social)
I wish I had not been so angsty in the first two years but I understand why I was. I wish I hadn't had such a fear of computers - seems so out of character for me now!

22. Something you want to experience in your life.
Take pictures for a living. Go on lots of adventures. I want to have a fluffy dog that follows me around my home.


23. Name three things on your to-do list?
Frame pictures, go kayaking, visit my dogs.

24. Describe your favorite scene from a movie / series alt. link to youtube.
This scene:


25. What are you going to do now?
Brush my teeth and hit the hay:)

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