Friday, August 17

Five things for the win

1. An epic and hilarious Skype convo with Che. We have never met but we sorta blog stalked each other, Twitter DM'd, politely exchanged numbers, added each other on Skype and then unloaded our life stories in one afternoon. Us > "HAHAHA. Lols. You slay me girl. How have we not met? Do you wanna hear a crazy story? Tell me girl. Hang on, I gotta get tea. Ok, go." I am one step away from becoming a bridesmaid. I know it. Che. Where's my scrapbook, girl?

2. Getting to see my brother on Saturday! It dawned on me that my brother and I kinda only talk twice a year. General extent of convo > "How are the dogs? Good. How is Joburg? Good." So I'm taking him out for the finest rotti that money can buy so I can add "How is your food?" to our  riveting repertoire! In case you are wondering, this is the finest rotti that 20 Ronts can buy.

3. "Learning" to draw again. I had more skillz aged 5.

4. These last few, chilly winter evenings. What a winter it has been. Snow, fondues an amorphous chunk of melted Cadburys in a pot on my stove, game nights, red wine, real powdery snow. Sigh.

5. A clean microwave and fridge. No more questionable food stains peering back at me when I'm rummaging for leftovers. 

(On my way out to braai a kiff chow. Thanks for having me Toes and G!)
And here's a bunch of nice things I spotted on Pinterest.
(The sweetest pair in the world, a good quote for me to live by, scene from my favourite movie, a bokeh effect I wanna try and a tired Eddie Vedder.)
Have a wonderful weekend friends x

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