Wednesday, July 4

My Dream Days

I'm going through a bit of a life re-assessment phase! As one does from time to time. Last night, Nads asked me me, "Lauren, how would you spend your days if money were no issue?" My knee-jerk reaction was 'Drink tea, take naps and go for lunch with friends." I think I'm a pretty easy soul to please! I've given it a bit more thought and I think I would rather fancy a life like this....

I would have an epic camera kit and I'd take pictures of people and their pets!
I would go on a camera course and learn lots about photography.
I would pour a cup of tea, curl up in front of The Office and edit pictures in the afternoon sun.
I would have fluffy dogs that I would walk when I fancied a break outside.
I would have long, leisurely wine-fuelled lunches with my friends!
I would escape to cute cottages with fireplaces in the Midlands.
I would go for long walks in leafy streets with a cute boy.
I would make roast dinners for my family.
My house would always smell of fresh flowers and baked banana bread!
I would hang up photographs and pretty prints.
I'd write editorials and blog posts for the love of it.
I’d read books about history and space.
I’d watch all the great films.
I would visit the homes of my friends around the world. And we would dance Friday nights away.
I'd visit Sandra in New York and Elsa in Sweden.
I would work on creative projects with Nads.
I would wander around markets and rummage through thrift stores.
I would ride on toasty trains in London.
I would develop creative ideas to help the animal sanctuaries of South Africa.
I would make scrummy, healthy meals during the week.
Sunday mornings would be dedicated to poached eggs and pancakes!
I'd go for walks in nature reserves and have picnic in parks.
I'd have my friends round more often for board games and dinner.
I would play guitar on my fluffy, cloud of a duvet.
I would probably also shop THE HELL out of every mall in Durban!

Crumbs, most of these things don’t require cash! I think I just need more time!
What would your dreamy life entail?

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