Thursday, July 5

30 before 30

(Pics flipped intentionally. Last time I posted that, everyone commented on the 'duff'!)


In October, I will turn thirty! It just seems bonkers to me! I still feel like a bit of a 16-year old misfit. I still buy animal masks and marshmallows for parties with my mates. The other day, someone asked me if I had the whole 'Turning 30 Breakdown." I did have it. Two years ago. When I found my first grey hair. I called a friend, collapsed on the floor, wailed in front of the mirror for a good two hours and then promptly got over it! I never imagined my life past the age of twenty-five. I guess I assumed I would be married with two kids and a Labrador. I was married for a few years but now I find myself, almost unmarried in the final months of my twenties. I have no idea what's in store but that's kinda exciting. Instead of having another breakdown, I'll do the whole "What have I learnt before 30" thing! Hmmm, let's see! 

  1. Don't over analyse everything! Oh, ho, ho. My friends will have a good laugh at this one. But seriously, I learnt this one pretty late in life but thank goodness, I did. 
  2. Don't be ruled by your emotions! I feel things deeply - the good and the bad - but the trick is learning when and where to act on those suckers.
  3. Have goals but don't put ridiculous pressure on yourself. I wanted to see New York by the time I was 30 but hey, New York will always be there. I haven't even explored our own countryside and it only feels right that I do that first, eh?
  4. Treasure your friends. They will carry you through the broke and broken-hearted times.
  5. Treasure your family if you get on with 'em. Ha. My mom, dad and brother, are fortunately, very nice people! 
  6. Let yourself love. It's a risk worth taking. You are allowed to take those words back when it all goes pear-shaped!
  7. Learn to be on your own. Another one I learnt late in life. If you can put a roof over your head and keep yourself company, you will be golden.
  8. Keep yourself fulfilled. For me, that's taking photographs, travelling - even little trips, working on fun projects, hanging with friends, going for walks and playing guitar.
  9. Saving some money is probably a good idea. Oi. I will take heed of this one.
  10. I'm running out of things I've learnt. Hmmmm.
  11. Record stuff! Yes, this blog! I keep every card, every ribbon, every photograph. I'm so glad I've documented and treasured the adventures over the years.
  12. Learn to cook. If you can cook with someone, even the better! I'm SO GLAD I can finally throw some ingredients together and they will end up, vaguely edible.
  13. Ask for guidance when you need it. I'm a curious soul and a bit of an idealist so some wise council is always welcome.
  14. As far as possible, do what you love for a living.
  15. This might sound trite and selfish but I've learnt that I have to make my happiness a priority.
  16. Do things on your time. Have a kid, buy a house, adopt a puppy but do it when you genuinely feel ready. 
  17. Stay in your own lane. My mom taught me that. Don't be overly concerned with how everyone else is doing 'status wise.' Everyone has their own battles...crumbs, Desperate Housewives taught us that one!
  18. Accept yourself for you who are. I will always be a feeler. I will always be a dreamer. And a terrible rhymer apparently! Fortunately, I think I've gotten a grip on the crazy.
  19. Remember, your life is your canvas to paint. I swear I have not been watching Oprah! Where do I get this stuff from? You can wear what you want and decorate your house however you want. There are (sort of) no rules except for the ones you make.
  20. Don't write nonsense on the internet. Fail.
  21. Read. Heat Magazine. Ha, no, read whatever, but I always find reading = good things. I need to make more time for it.
  22. Don't let fear keep you from doing stuff. Alright, I'm never gonna sky dive but I may attempt a 5km hike. Crikey, we'll see.
  23. Have fun. A bit of a no-brainer. 
  24. Help others when you can. Good for them, good for you.
  25. Say sorry when you've messed up or hurt someone.
  26. Praying is a good. Might not be everyone's cuppa but I like to pray.
  27. Don't get hung up on age. We'll all probably live till 200 anyway! Modern meds and all that.
  28. Everything in moderation. Geez, these 'gems' are getting boring.
  29. Keep your goals top of mind, even if they seem impossible. Nads reminded me of that last night!
  30. Don't stress the small stuff. It will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end. Alright, I did read that somewhere but its lovely and comforting, no? 

Crumbs, what an essay!! Who else has some 30-nuggets to divulge? Dish away!

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