Sunday, March 4

My Weekend

Five productive things I did 
1. Cleaned and organised my kitchen and bedroom cupboards
2. Sold a bunch of my clothes to the Thrift Collection at the market
3. Organised my keys into a new little system and made spares
4. Took my coat in to be dry-cleaned (I WILL wear it come winter!)
5. De-tangled my computer/speaker/etc cables and started tidying up my digital files

Five things I bought 
1. Fresh roses and daisies
2. Lots of organising holder things for my cupboards
3. A glass bird tee-light holder
4. Soft, purple towels
5. Cranberry iced tea

Five songs I listened to
1. Wounded - Third Eye Blind
2. To the light - Newton Faulkner
3. Do the evolution - Pearl Jam
4. The Cave - Mumford and Sons
5. Lake of Fire - Nirvana

Five fun things I did
1. Went out for dinner with friends, laughed non-stop and discussed Whatapp etiquette with our waiter
2. Wandered around the market, bumped into friends and met sweet Roxy
3. Went to the beach in the pouring rain to see the cyclonic waves!
4. Had my hair highlighted and enjoyed the best head massage ever. Sigh, I love salon visits.
5. Lazed about all Sunday, watching the rain fall while listening to 90's rock

Five things I ate
1. Avo and bacon rolls
2. Thai Fish Curry (Mo's Noodles - heaven!)
3. A delish homemade stew
4. Frozen yoghurt with smarties
5. Raspberries

Five things I decided I need to do soon
1. Sort out my blog shop. Have had so many requests for things but no time to respond. Sorry guys! Also, need to reply to blog sponsor mails. This blog really has become a bit boring! Its sadly the first thing I have to put on the backburner when real life gets manic.
2. Reply to freelance emails and book in some shoots for late March.
3. Plan a fun fashiony day with Nads and take some pics for ye old blogge.
4. Mail my girlfriends abroad. I've been a bit shocking lately. Sorry friendies. Love you!
5. Renew my car license.

PS: Ha. I'm really reaching for blog content, aren't I? Blogging things I need to blog! x
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