Sunday, October 23

New picture-snappers!

Here are some new additions to my little camera family. It's actually not so little anymore, my camera obsession is showing no signs of simmering down! But I keep telling myself that's okay because I never spend alot on cameras and they'll make for one epic collection to pass on to the kidlets one day! When I get some free time, I'm gonna snap the whole lot so I can remember 'em forevez incase they fade or whatnot throughout the years. What sort of things do you guys collect?


Thank you Mom Heather for the Polaroid - I absolutely adore it, the box and the camera bulbs. Thank you Mel for treating me to some thrifting loot so I could get the Brownie! Nadia spotted it and I'm so thrilled with it. And thank you to my other girlfriends for spoiling me rotten on my birthday - I got the practical things I needed but I couldn't resist this vintage video beauty as well! x
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