Thursday, April 28

The Pink Frock

Aloha! Hope my fellow Saffers are feeling well rested from all the public holidays? I had one goal for these holidays: to clock the Rio version of Angry Birds...and I did it! Well, I clocked the first two levels that came with the demo. Still. It was a proud moment. The little things, eh? So this is the vintage pink dress I bought in Howick a few weeks ago. It was only R30 but it has so much detail on it. You can't really tell from the pics but the hem, sleeves and collar all have a beautiful trim. I'm not sure what it's called...when there's a pattern cut out from the fabric...not embroidery. Anyway, it's very pretty. I'm not sure where I'm gonna wear it. A tea party perhaps? Anyhow, what else? The Royal Wedding tomorrow! I heard some people are having tea parties at work to celebrate! I kinda want to go back to work tomorrow with little treats and bung on the telly to watch with everyone. (Hi colleagues if you're reading!) Well, the original version of Angry Birds calls. Chat to you soon! x
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