Thursday, December 9

We popped and we shopped (ok we just shopped)

(I might have had some popcorn for dinner. I might consider this a perfectly acceptable form of sustenance, oh, say, twice a week.) Anyway, Pop-Up shop comes to Durban! I know people, this is big news. Today a pop-up shop, tomorrow our very own Brick Lane. Things are happening in our little surf town and it is awesome. Tonight was the launch of the five-day Pop-Up Shop taking place at Unit 11. There were bands and records and vintage clothes and blokes painting walls and you should totally go if you're about town this week. My friend Anna even found a Belly LP among the wares. A BELLY LP IN DURBAN! Talk about a piece of hipster gold! Think I will have to go back and have a proper browse tomorrow. I spent most of the evening nattering with Miss Molly. We are camera and lens twinsies and she showed me a great techie' trick!' (Which actually involved a super simple setting change that I didn't know about but has now changed my life. Thanks Miss M!)

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