Wednesday, December 1

Cut and Paste

If I were still in the habit of covering literally every inch of my bedroom walls in pictures, I'd probably start with this lot. I'm a bit low on words at the moment. Life is racing up,  rather than slowing down to Christmas. I'm actually really looking forward to doing silly things like sorting my messy laptop files and even sillier sadder, filing random paperwork. That's about as riveting as the holidays and this blog post is gonna get! Tomorrow, I'm off to what I've heard is a really rad night food market so hopefully I'll sample and snap some erm, sweet fresh veg. Oh, we're also bunging up the family Christmas tree this weekend so that should be fun. Will probably do the obligatory shot of my dogs wearing reindeer horns. They always love that. Right, bed calls. This is Red Squirrel over and out.

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