Monday, November 29

Woolworths launches grunge range (not really)

Holla! How was everyone's weekend? (Feel free to talk to your computer screen now.) Mine was good but hot. Flip, was it hot. I've always been in the minority of Durbanites who can't handle the heat. Happy to swop some sun for snow with someone! Anyway, it's raining now thank goodness. I was about to say the highlight of my weekend was watching Zombieland but then I remembered, the highlight was seeing Nadia get married! Her wedding was beaauuuuutiful. I took a gazillion pics but I'll let her tell you about it first. Anyway, this is just a random (and heavily cropped) outift post meets Zombieland appreciation fest. My grungy get up (well the ring, headband and blanket top) is from Woolworths of all places. And that's really all I have to say! Don't you hate it when you don't know how to end a blog post? This one's just sort of fizzling out.....getting kinda akward.....gah!


Wichita - what a legend, eh?
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