Monday, November 8

Surprises in the post

Hey hey, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was a ballet of emotions. It wasn't really, I just heard Will Ferrel say that in 'The Other Guys' which was pretty hilar. On Saturday, I bought a new lens for my camera and I am loving it! I'll probably hit ya with a review later this week. After I bagged the lens I bought twenty-five helium balloons which made for a perilous drive home sans rear window viewage! This was in aid of the first engagement shoot I've snapped. A sweet blog reader got in touch and asked if I'd shoot her and her fiance and I thought, heck, why not give it a bash, eh? Of course that would be the day for the heavens to open with horizontal rain and tornado style winds! We  pushed on with the shoot anyways and I had such a blast! (All this talk of 'blasts' and 'shoots' sounds a bit weird. We're talking pictures, not guns here for those skimming.) In other news, I received this delightful treat in the post last week. The folks from In Good Company sent me a 'Party in a Box' as a thanks for blogging about them. I'll have to throw a party and blog about that too now!

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