Tuesday, September 7

Retro treasures in Kalk Bay

There were so many treasures to be found in Kalk Bay! If I could, I would have scooped up every vintage suitcase and dress I could get my mits on. These are mostly snaps of the stores so I might do another post on the scenery of Kalk Bay. For now, if you've never been, imagine blue waters with boats bobbing up and down, somersaulting seals and fresh fish frying in the local chippies. On the shore, there are old fashioned ice-cream parlours, cute shops with bunting and cobble stone roads winding up towards the mountain. I loved Kalk Bay and I'm sure many of you do too?


This trip was a bit rushed but the next time I am in CT, I would love to meet up with those of you Capetownians who I chat to in the blogosphere! Perhaps we could go for a picnic in one of your lovely woodlands or something. Your city is so beautiful and I can't wait to go back. x
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