Tuesday, April 6

High Five! My weekly web picks


Hello. I recently read five great posts I'd like to share with you.

Retro Chick wrote a lovely piece on how to be a princess.
I immediately gave my old leggings the toss after reading this!
Read it here

Shrimp Salad Circus wrote a fantastic post about blogging and privacy issues.
You'll find handy tips galore here, especially for Etsy sellers.
Read it here.

blogged about a super self-defense gadget. I thought us South African girls could definitely do with one of these.
Read it here.

Cupcake Couture is hosting a sweet giveaway.
Enter here!

IFB ask 'what will the iPad (ugh, that name) mean to bloggers?'
See which magazines have been the first to launch as iPad applications.
Read it here.

On Monday, I'll be chatting to my favourite photographer who is also one of my blogging faves - be sure to pencil it in!

Has anything online grabbed your attention lately? Do you have a link you'd like to share? Let us know in a comment below:)


Cupcake Couture said...

Thanks for the mention love. x

Retro Chick said...

Thanks for mentioning the Princess post! I think it's essential reading for all women!