Monday, March 29

Things you said that made me smile

I feel so lucky to have the chance to chat to you about white tights and things that make me smile. Sometimes, when I'm out and about and feeling a bit shy or like I don't fit in, I think about your sweet comments and it's like I've taken a spoonful of confidence. I read and adore every note you leave on the blog but these are a few I wanted to reply to in a post.

From Amanda James
great interview. i was "send" here through carries blog. i didn't had such taste in fashion when i was 19. and i am still struggeling with it...

Thanks Amanda. I didn't have such taste either at 19 and it's something I still struggle with too. I don't have one of those figures where you can just throw anything on. Perhaps we can work on it together? x

From Marcee
Hey! I'm not a makeupy kind of girl but I'm getting into it. My skin acts up from time to time so I dont like applying weird stuff on my face BUT alas I needed concealer and went to Clinique counter and they told me to try "All about eyes.." You are right it is amazing!!! I have it in my bag too :)Marcee

Hi Marcee. I have pretty sensitive skin too. I'm so glad you love 'All About Eyes!' When I use mine, I will think of you now.

From Lady Times
WEAR THEM! No one is gonna look at you funny, they will look at you with sweet little red hearts of admiration in their eyes! Promise! ♥ Those tights are to cool just to be kept for a dress up party! makes me uber sad.

Thanks Lady! You always leave the sweetest notes. Perhaps I will give them a spin and someone a story to tell. 'I saw some bonkers girl in white tights at Spar today'

From Anonymous
hilarious.. ha ha... esp the ones about chain letters and scrapbooking induced poverty!! Love, Cat x

Thanks Mom! AKA, Anonymous. Haha. Love you, mama. x

From Windsoul
Yeey I feel like going right now,and you know what? I think I will go.
Tnx. Love :)

So wonderful! You will have a lovely time. Take a million pics.

From Shrimp Salad Circus
You are too freaking adorable, and the 'moth' looks great on you! I'm off to check out your blog recommendations now!

I think 'adorable' is the most wonderful compliment! Thanks Shrimp, I just adore your blog.

From Misha
I love these interviews you do. It really feels like you just wrote down a phone conversation or something. Look forward to more of these, you should really keep it up!

Misha, thanks so much. I do these inty's 'cuz I just love to do them but a comment like yours really does make the late night photo editing and posting feel worthwhile. I'm so chuffed it feels like a phone conversation. x

Thanks to all of you who follow the blog and pop in to say hi, I really appreciate it. And to all of my friends, thank you for your emails, texts and late night conversations. I feel blessed, I do. I wish you a wonderful week filled with delicious Easter Eggs. x