Sunday, March 28

Magazines: Highlights & Inspiration

I've been paging through a stack of mags over the past few days. My mom dropped off a bunch and my friend, Kathleen, brought me some from London. I love being able to flip open a mag and not even know where to begin because it all looks so great. These are my favourite bits and pieces!

Tatler US February '10
Feature: Britpack in NYC

There seems to be a focus on the new Britpack across the mags at the mo. Tatler have done a wonderfully colourful round up of the 50 most powerful Brits in the city. Love the pinks, reds and yellows!


Elle UK March '10
Interview: Liv Tyler

I fancied Liv as an elf in Lord of the Rings and as a 90's hipster in Empire Records but other than that, I don't really know her all that well. Having read this, I want to buy her shots at a dive bar and ask her a million more questions. She's awesome!


Elle UK March '10
Advertising: Mui Mui

This is the first time I've seen the new Mui Mui campaign in print. Please excuse this horrible pic I took but the ad really does look amazing! If I were in school, I'd stick these ads on my files and cover 'em with contact paper. Yup.


Cosmopolitan UK April '10
Fashion: Dreamy Prints

Cosmo UK has done a lovely, Lula-esque shoot with cute, dreamy prints. When I think of Comso (or at least the SA version), I picture toned bods in short, tight dresses but this issue feels softer and more feminine. Lovely.


Tatler US March '10
Fashion: Pollock-esque Prints

I'm not wild about all these tees in the shops that look like they've been through a round of paint ball. However, I do LOVE a double page spread of splatters!


Look 22nd March '10
Make-Up: Blue Eye Shadow and Red Lips!

Wahey, now we can all look like 80's pop stars!
This is a bit bonkers but I love it when fash mags bust out and break a rule or two. Somehow I don't think this will fly at the Pavilion on a Saturday morning but I might give it a go for a laugh.


Elle South Africa March '10
Shoes: Mr Price

Chris Viljoen has written a piece about the perfect shoe. In it, he credits Mr Price with their range of affordable, well-designed shoes. This is fantastic coup for the Mr P team and I'd like to give a special shout out to my friend, Nadia, who does a brilliant job sourcing shoes for Mr Price.


Derby Spring Summer 2010
Easy, breezy, fresh and pretty!


And that's the round up! Now, I'd love to know what you've been reading lately. Which are your favourite SA and international mags? Where do you go for style tips and advice? Fill us in a comment below:)

PS: Tomorrow, we'll be chatting with one of my besties about island life in the Caribbean. Bring your bikini and I'll pour the cocktails!


angie said...

i agree, she does :)

Windsoul said...

I love Elle with Liv. We have free Elle in school (gotta luv Sweden because of all the free stuff). And I think I actually skiped a lesson just to read that interview.

FashionJazz said...

Ur blog is so awesome hun!!!! I luv it! UK ELLE is my fav! xxx

lolo said...

This post has made me want to go out and buy lots of magazines!!

Lauren said...

Windsoul, how lovely! Swedish schools have free fash mags? Thats brill.

Thanks Fashion Jazz! So is yours, sweet.

Oh, lolo, that's great! Enjoy. x

Huffy said...

you have a great creative eye...nice post :)

Lauren said...

Huffy, thank you so much. x

Linn said...

The Tatler photos are lovely. I would love to spend a day in those photos :)