Friday, March 5

Links à la Mode: March 4th

Hello there. In case you haven't heard about Links à la Mode, let me fill you in quick. You may remember me telling you about a brilliant blogging resource called Independant Fashion Well, Links à la Mode is a weekly round up of - you guessed it - links as submitted by members of IFB. Each member whose link is chosen by the editors has to publish the round up including their own link. This week, my interview with Paula of Pink Bow was included in the bunch. Thanks IFB!

So if you're popping in for the first time, let me take this opportunity to welcome you to Glossary. Hello and welcome! Please help yourself to tea and cake and a good old browse around. There's a stack of reading material below and if you like, you can read more of my blogger interviews here. Enjoy! x

links a la mode


dinkum design said...

Congratulations, that pretty awesome Lauren

Lauren said...

Thanks Dinkum:)

PinkBow said...

how good was that!! :)