Wednesday, February 10

A brilliant blogging resource, as linked on Mademoiselle Robot

Over the past few evenings, I’ve been happily tearing through Mademoiselle Robot’s archives with a cuppa tea in hand. I feel like I’ve been handed a great big fashion mag packed with excellent tips and honest reviews – for free!

One of the websites she contributes to is a brilliant blogging resource called As the name suggests, the focus is on fashion although many of the articles, tips and how-to’s can be applied to blogging in general.

Some of the topics discussed include traffic building, blogging etiquette, monetizing, technical know-how, privacy, editorial, giveaways and loads more. In a few short visits, I’ve devoured so many valuable tips and tricks.

To join and participate in discussions on the site, you need to be a fashion blogger however all the content is made public for anyone to read. How cool is that? Members can chitchat with some of fashion’s top bloggers and we can all get first-hand advice on things like how to improve our photographs, make the most out of twitter and even bag some media credentials. Best of all, the whole vibe is totally chilled and friendly!

So if you like to blog and better still, blog about fashion, you’ll find plenty to get stuck into here. Thanks Mademoiselle Robot for telling us about IFB and thanks to IFB for such an inspiring and helpful resource!


Cupcake Couture said...

I will be sure to check it out asap. x

dinkum design said...

valuable blogging resource for sure. Thanks so much for shearing. Your blog is fast becoming a valuable blogging resource too. Loving it!

Mel said...

awesome. awesome.

Lauren said...

My pleasure Dinkum, thanks for that lovely compliment. I'm enjoying tweaking Glossary here and there and getting to know so many cool and inspiring people, such as yourself:)

Lauren said...

Hi Mel!

Mel said...