Sunday, February 7

Thank you, Jozi

Us Durbanites often hear that Johannesburg is just traffic, traffic, crime and traffic. And I think possibly, we hear this from other Durbanites who have been to Jozi but are used to everything being a five-minute drive away. Well, I for one thought it was flippin' fantastic!

Ok, so we did spend a lot time admiring the bumpers of many a car but overall, I had a really fun time. The people were friendly, service was great and surprisingly, eating out didn't cost any more than what you pay in Durbs. In fact, almost every restaurant I spotted were offering some really great deals. I guess that's the thing with cities - the more people you have, the more stuff there is and the more competitive the people selling the stuff have to be. I stayed in Morningside with my brother and this is what we got up to.

On Friday, we visited some of the nice places that Emma-Jane, Nicole and Angie have blogged about. First up, was Succulant Cafe in Fairlands. This really is a candy-stripe heaven, twinkling with teacup chandeliers. I had cookies with milk which made me feel like a giant five year old. Fantastic!

Succulent Cafe
Succulent Cafe

With our bellies full of sweet treats, we headed off to Deer Hunter in Greenside. Here, we tried on a gazillion hats, rummaged through an old game machine of gloves and erm, vintage cozzies and even got to spin a few records! I bought the world's smallest plastic Kit Kat and a neck scarf. Funsies.

Deer Hunter
Deer Hunter

Armed with our mapbook, we navigated our way to Lulu's in Parktown North where we bought miniature boxes of tea. This place reminded of London's Pret but with a bit more character. Very nice, indeed.


Next door to Lulu's is a lovely decor shop called Need. They had this fantastic couch made from offcuts of fabric which I quite fancied for my imaginery Sandton holiday home.


In the evening, we headed to the Randburg waterfront where we watched this awesome musical fountain show and smashed plates at a Greek restaurant called Babylon Again. The whole night was fantastic but my pictures came out rubbish so I won't bother posting 'em. The next morning, I went to Tasha's Cafe in Morningside to catch up with this lovely person. Her name is Mpume and we're old work buddies. I had the 'Breakfast in Bed' which was delish and Mps had the 'Breakfast Pita.' Tasha's is really chic and breezy and I wish I had proper photos to show you if you've never been before. Instead you can check it out here on their gorgeous website.

Tasha's Cafe

In the afternoon, we wandered down Queens Street in Eastgate. For some reason, I pictured this to be more like London's Portobello Road which it isn't really but still, it's full of quaint antiques shops or 'dead people's stuff' as my brother charmingly puts it.

Ye Olde Collector

On Saturday night, we watched DVD's and played Xbox. I had to head home this morning and was a bit sad to miss the rooftop Rosebank market but none the less, I think we managed to pack in quite alot and had a great time doing so. Thank you Jozi for a fantastic long weekend!

PS: Pop back tomorrow to read my interview with one of Britain's top fashion bloggers. Over and out!


Mademoiselle Robot said...

How cute is your friend? How cute is her bag?!?

Lauren said...

Ah, she's just lovely hey? :) I know, that bag is amazo, she got it from a place in Jozi called Rags and Lace. I meant to mention that actually, thanks for reminding me. x

dinkum design said...

Welcome bac

coelho said...

loving your blog, great interview with MM Robot

Lauren said...

Thanks Dinkum! Thank you Coelho. x

Freshly Found said...

Yes, I have really enjoyed some aspects of Gauteng - 44 Stanley and Moema at Parktown North Stores. I am going to save this post of yours for more inspiration for next time I go!

Lauren said...

Oh, good! I really wanted to check out 44 Stanley but didn't find the time. Next time for sure!

Emma-Jane said...

ahhh i'm so happy you got to go to all our favorite places!! haha... truthfully queens street is kinda dodge ;) but you can really find some gems there.. YAY! this post made me very happy and proud!

Lauren said...

So pleased to hear that Emma-Jane. Thanks for all your great tips:)

Cupcake Couture said...

Sounds like you had such a fabulous trip. Really like the photos. x

Danka Swart said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun Lauren!! Makes my miss my home town just a little :)

deer hunter said...

glad you had fun at our little crazy shop!!! come back soon ok!!.. and enjoy the mini kitkat (don't eat though.. could be trouble).. kez