Wednesday, November 11

Postcards from Durban

If you could capture the spirit of your city in a picture, what would you shoot? My friend Amanda took her Lomo to the Durban seaside and what you see below are her postcard perfect photos. If you visit us, you must...

Ride on a Rickshaw

Before you shell out the dosh and hop on one of these, try your hand at a bit of bartering. The riders charge tourists up to a hundred zars for a five minute gallop but they'll take a fifty if you ask nicely.

Swim in the Sea
Our waters are warm-ish even in the winter.
The surfers are friendly and the beer on-shore is cheap.

Escape to the Mountains

When you want a change from the sea, head to the Berg with rusks, Scrabble and someone to share the view with.

See more of Amanda's photographs at Fat Tuesdays in Kloof.


Amanda said...

Aw La! :) xoxo