Tuesday, November 10

From the Hip

Friday's Lomography exhibion left me dizzy with inspiration. Such a fine night it was with singing, sweets and sweeter friends.

I woke up the next day, longing for a Lomo of my own. But, which one to buy? I promised myself I'd do some homework. At 11am, I walked into I ♥ Market and straight into my lovely friend, Lauren. She is one of the photographers currently exhibiting at Fat Tuesdays. We hug hello and then she reaches into her bag and pulls out her Lomo. 'Here,' she says. 'I brought this with because I knew I'd run into you and I want you to borrow it. Have some fun and see how you find the Holga.' What sweetness is that!

Silly me was wearing the world's dinkiest bag and I didn't want to wander the market, holding such a precious thing. Later this week, I'll borrow La's Holga and shoot some film. My fingers are itching to wind and click but what to shoot?

Below are three lovely photos, courtesy of Lauren and her Holga. Enjoy.

PS: I welcome all tips and suggestions to help me with my Lomo decision. For those who are new, like me, to this world of strange camera names, find out what it's all about over here.

PPS: Pop back in tomorrow for more Lomo loveliness, courtesy of Amanda, who is also exhibiting at Tuesdays.


char said...

I love the emotional element you are able to capture with lomo. I highly recommend you have a chat with Shannon (owner of Fat Tuesday), she's the lomo boff, and can give you all the advise you need. Looking forward to seeing your lomo images.

Lauren said...

Thanks Char, will do :)

Emma-Jane said...

buy a diana F+... :) is what i shoot on.. and its pretty!


Lauren said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the tip. What film does the diana F+ use? I've heard the 120 is quite hard to find?


Cupcake Couture said...

I love this post.

Lauren said...

Thanks Peri. Looking forward to tea. x

casey said...

Oh I love it too. Esp. the last shot. I've had a Holga for two years now - I love it, it hates me, we work things out. Then it loves me, I hate it. But we're great friends. Printing is $$$. But totally worth it.

Lauren said...

Haha, Casey:)

Last night, I received La's Holga to borrow. This weekend, we shoot!