Saturday, April 4

Day two at Solitude

Ola! How is your weekend going? Today we went for a drivski and came across gazillions of wild flowers! After taking some snaps, we popped into a nearby antique store and snagged an old-school serving platter and some teacups. Now, I'm huddled inside watching Vikings {a bit more tolerable than Game of Thrones!} while it storms outside. Think I hear the Tall One lighting a fire right now. It feels like we're in Switzerland but we're not that far from Durbs at all! x

 photo IMG_4892.jpg photo IMG_4917.jpg photo IMG_4959.jpg photo IMG_4878.jpg photo IMG_4937.jpg photo IMG_4973.jpg photo IMG_4965.jpg photo IMG_4922.jpg photo IMG_5037.jpg photo IMG_5030.jpg photo IMG_5024.jpg photo IMG_4967.jpg photo IMG_5043.jpg photo IMG_4993.jpg photo IMG_4947.jpg photo IMG_4972.jpg photo IMG_4924.jpg photo IMG_5008.jpg photo IMG_5047.jpg
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