Sunday, September 14

My Birthday Trees!

I always get excited when the Jacarandas start blooming this time of year because my mom messages and says, "The Jacarandas are out which means your birthday is coming up!" So when this guy started blooming near my flat, I asked Tall One to grab a snap of me in front of it. When I was a kid, my parents planted me a Jacaranda for my birthday. It was awesome until a million white ants  attacked it but we managed to resuscitate it and it's grown up with me! So if you've got a kid, plant the little one a tree. They make really neat birthday gifts! After the Jacarandering, I headed to the SPCA charity shops for a bit of thrifting. I hope you've had a good weekend. x PS: Part 2 of my emotional weight gain/loss saga will be up soon! 

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