Sunday, July 6

Reunited with my homeslice - @girlwithabum!

Ola! Two lifey updates to share on this chillos Sunday afternoon. 1. Jennakins and I are working together again! It's been so good having my old sidekick in the mix. She's got me noshing chia seeds. I've got her chucking randelas into savings! To commemorate our reunion, we decided to do some outfit postery ala the old days! I don't blog a lot of fashiony things anymore because for the last ten months, I have literally written about fashion from morning to night. By the time the weekend comes, the last thing I wanna do is scribble about skater skirts and statement bling! But... now that Jenna is around again, maybe we'll do more of these romps in the park. Check out our blogs tomoz for pics of her. 2. After making it through a thirty-day spend fast, I thought I'd turn up the heat and attempt a thirty-day sugar fast! In the last couple of days, I have somehow managed to decline a cupcake, speckled eggs, marshmallows and those amazeballs new Lindt chocs. Do not ask me how I have done this. I do not know. I thought I would have blown something up by now but I am hanging in there - probably because I'm still allowing myself to eat natural sugar in the form of fruit. And maybe a cheeky glass of red. Ok, there was one crumpet but that's it! PS: It was windy as sh*t when we snapped these. 

 photo IMG_8807.jpg photo IMG_8813.jpg photo IMG_8842.jpg photo IMG_8783-2.jpg photo IMG_8809.jpg photo IMG_8811-2.jpg photo IMG_8765.jpg
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