Wednesday, September 18

Second Treasures

On Saturday I ventured up to Second Treasures in Hillcrest. THANK YOU Nicola for telling me about it! I was freaking out, it was so cool! These pictures don't begin to do it justice. How to describe's kind of like some ram shackled barn you'd see in an American movie, stuffed to the brim full of interesting old things. This week they're having an epic relocation sale - I NEED TO BE THERE. Ahhhhh. There were so many cool things. I'm definitely gonna be heading to their new premises to snap some more pics for the lovely Christie who owns this treasure chest. x
 photo IMG_0154.jpg photo IMG_0196.jpg photo IMG_0166-1.jpg photo IMG_0151-1.jpg photo IMG_0192-1.jpg photo IMG_0212.jpg photo IMG_0156.jpg photo IMG_0177.jpg photo IMG_0183.jpg photo IMG_0206.jpg photo IMG_0210.jpg
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