Tuesday, September 10

Kitchen Shelves!

On Saturday, I snapped these rather terrible photos of my new shelves! Long-term readers will know its has been a dream of mine to have a kitchen with white subway tiles and floating shelves. My little studio kitchen has floating shelves now! I love them to bits. They have really helped to tie the place together. I'm just a bit bummed I wasn't able to get proper shots of how it looks like in situ - bit tricky snapping with a 50mm in a teeny space which doesn't get a lot of natural light but hey, ho, I have shelves! Thanks to my mom and dad for helping me put them up - sans spirit level - ahem - but I still think we did a great job. x

 photo IMG_9875.jpg photo IMG_9882-1.jpg photo IMG_9878.jpg photo IMG_9876.jpg photo IMG_9879.jpg photo IMG_9890-1.jpg photo IMG_9888.jpg photo IMG_9894.jpg
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