Tuesday, September 3

Cocktail Night!

On Saturday, we had one crazy cocktail night! I'm not much of a cocktail drinker but I do love a good Cosmo and I'm always threatening to make them when I go camping but it's a bit of a mission so I'm chuffed to discover you can buy them pre-made in sachets now! The folks at Original Cocktails sent me this lot to taste and they were delish! Of course I had to chuck them into some jars with my usual slew of straws. Thank you Trace and Gordon for helping us mapp them. Baby Rachel was the guest of honour but she did not drink the cocktails, I repeat, she did not drink the cocktails! x

 photo IMG_9420.jpg photo IMG_9680.jpg photo IMG_9443.jpg photo IMG_9664.jpg photo IMG_9417.jpg photo IMG_9472.jpg photo IMG_9582.jpg photo IMG_9436.jpg photo IMG_9474.jpg photo IMG_9630.jpg photo IMG_9573.jpg photo IMG_9562.jpg photo IMG_9505.jpg photo IMG_9627.jpg photo IMG_9487.jpg photo IMG_9530.jpg photo IMG_9556.jpg photo IMG_9684.jpg
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