Wednesday, August 7

Our Country Getaway - Part 2

Morning gang! Here are some more happy snaps as promised. Jon took the panoramics on his S4 and they look EPIC at full size on my PC - 540 pixel width on Gloss just doesn't do 'em justice. Also, you can go ahead and file my blog under the Farmyard category if there is such a thing on Bloglovin! x

 photo 20130803_165332.jpg photo 20130803_163323.jpg photo IMG_2268.jpg
Straws in beer cans - this is what happens when bloggers holiday with boys!
 photo 2-2.jpg photo IMG_2627-1.jpg photo IMG_0042-1.jpg photo IMG_2535.jpg photo IMG_2153.jpg photo 20130802_170031.jpg photo IMG_2648-1.jpg photo IMG_2331.jpg photo 20130804_110407-1.jpg photo IMG_2253.jpg photo 20130804_110038.jpg photo IMG_2324-1.jpg photo IMG_2289.jpg photo 1-1.jpg photo IMG_2603-1.jpg photo IMG_2473-1.jpg
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